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Spring Clinic
Starts April
This camp is designed to get
you ready for the spring leagues.

Spring Camp Info

Inline Roller Hockey Flyer

Please select this button and fill out the waiver and send along with your fee. If there are any questions regarding the application and fees, please call 651-487-0095 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

1st Invitational Roller Hockey Tournament
                                - Men's Elite & Open Divisions -
August 26th - 29th
                                - Bantam & High School -
August 19th - 22nd

                    3 - 6 Games
                            FREE! Team Jerseys
                            FREE! Team Pictures
                            1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Prizes


Minnesota 4on4 Gets Wheels
Rolling On Inline Hockey!

by FRANK HAATAJA - LPH Article, March Issue

For the first time ever, inline hockey players in Minnesota will have the opportunity to showcase their skills against other teams across the country.

Seven year success Minnesota 4on4 Pro/College & Jr. Elite hockey league owner Ray Fuerst and international inline competitor Joe Dustin are teaming up to bring hockey squads around the nation to Blaine to clash sticks at the Schwan’s Super Rink later this summer.  Fuerst is ecstatic at the opportunity to put Minnesota skaters in the spotlight against other national talent.

“We have the strongest group of the hockey players in the United States, but can they compete at the level of ice hockey, on inline skates?” said Fuerst. “I think they can.”

Fuerst and Dustin are kicking off their inline league, Twin City Inline Roller Hockey, later this spring. The duo plan to engineer the league much like their ice counterpart; Minnesota 4on4 Pro/College and Jr. Elite league and have a collection of high school, collegiate and professional skaters on board for the league’s first season.

It’s something Dustin said is helping the pros improve their game during the summer months when ice is harder to come by.  “It’s a way for ice hockey players to get away from the ice for a little bit and play a sport that’s beneficial to their ice game,” said Dustin.

Dustin said it’s a cross-training tool most other states are using, citing tournaments and leagues in Michigan, Wisconsin, New York and California. He and Fuerst took a big step in establishing a foothold for the sport in Minnesota when their league picked up the backing of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

“I think it goes without saying that Minnesota is the hotbed of ice hockey,” said AAU Hockey Coordinator Keith Noll. “Having them evolved in the sport of inline. It’s not only great for inline but it’s great for ice because a lot of kids are going to love it.”

Noll and the AAU raised the ante by creating a Midwest zone for the junior Olympics that takes place every summer. Fuerst said he hopes to begin laying the foundation for a Midwest presence in the games as early as next year.

Registration is now open for the spring season at Discounts are available for teams who sign up before April 15.

Twin City Inline is also holding a three-week clinic at Ken Yackel Arena in West St. Paul. The clinic runs on Sundays beginning April 11. The clinic will help players gain new skills and strategies needed for their upcoming inline hockey league as well as a great way to knock the dust off the roller blades.  Each Sunday will consist of a short off-court informational meeting, on-court drills and techniques and a scrimmage.  The meeting will explain the rules of the game, equipment deals and game strategies. While the on-court drills and techniques will be designed to give a player that extra advantage. To wrap everything up, there will be about an hour-long scrimmage to help each player get a feel for the game and begin to implement strategies and techniques learned. Discounts for this clinic are available for sign-ups by April 1.

“It’s a way to get off the ice a little bit and a way to get together with friends and play a different sport that can be easily used as a cross-training tool,” said Dustin. “It’s for all levels; whether you play professional hockey, college, high school, Bantam or just looking for some pick-up hockey.”

For more information, contact Ray Fuerst at 651-276-1271 or Joe Dustin at 651-214-3723.




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